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What makes Conquest Planning different?

Conquest Planning uses the latest technology to allow you to create smarter financial plans for your clients quickly.

Conquest Planning gets more people into financial plans by empowering advisers to build plans faster and more efficiently. A unique feature of the software is a digital assistant that leverages Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to illustrate the impact of different scenarios on a client’s goals. The Strategic Advice Manager (SAM) effectively does all the heavy lifting while you focus on the client. There is a universe of financial strategies and every client is unique – SAM helps find the right combination for the client.

Conquest, you, and your clients



An intuitive user-interface enabling digital collaboration with as little or as much data as needed allows your clients to start planning quickly.


Open API

A powerful API to easily embed planning capabilities into your firm’s systems, allowing for the creation of an experience unique to your firm.


Artificial Intelligence

A.I. digitally explores the universe of potential strategies to help find optimal solutions. The A.I. also helps identify new opportunities throughout your relationship with your client.