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Wealth management software for advisory firms


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Technological innovations as well as the growing field of Artificial Intelligence, have changed financial software programs, introducing a broad range of capabilities. This means advisory tools can now help you and your clients enjoy optimum efficiency, automation, data safety and accuracy during the entire financial planning process.

What is financial planning software?

Financial planning software enables you to create easy-to-understand financial plans faster and more efficiently to ensure your clients can achieve their life objectives. This is achieved through goal-oriented planning, comprehensive interfaces, and automated recommendations while also making real-time communication with the client easier. So, what does this mean for your clients? 

Through financial planning and forecasting tools and your guidance, they can easily get a comprehensive overview of their finances, track their progress over time and plan for their future needs. They also have easy access to different plans, strategies, scenarios and potential outcomes through desktop or mobile devices – meaning they can see their financial planning information anytime, anywhere. 

What are the benefits of financial planning tools?

Having the right tools for financial planning and forecasting is essential in keeping client plans up-to-date as they can help you deliver valuable financial advice more accurately. Here are a few advantages:  

Flexibility and convenience – Financial planning tools give you the chance to rapidly create plans that cover your clients’ every need, from basic to more complex ones.

Automation and accuracy – Tools that use AI to automate routine tasks, accurately track client deliverables and present information in a clear format allow you to save time and complete projects within budget, while also focusing on more strategic tasks.  

Client engagement and collaboration – Visually attractive graphs enable active involvement of clients in the advice process and can empower them to make data-driven decisions, after understanding the pros and cons of each option.

Find out more about the benefits of financial planning tools here.

The benefits of Conquest planning software for advisory firms

Conquest planning makes finding the optimal solution for each client easy. Using an intelligent assistant to present multiple strategies and demonstrate how different scenarios can affect your clients’ future objectives, it’ll empower you to create powerful plans in no time.

Find out more about how it can help you create smarter financial plans for your clients, here

Build faster with more flexibility

  • Enjoy seamless integration through the open API, allowing you to easily embed the software’s planning capabilities into your firm’s systems.
  • Save time on preparation, analysis and follow-up through automation of tasks and financial processes. 
  • Feel empowered with tools for improved service that transform your experience and enable you to predict trends and help your clients prepare and plan accordingly. 
  • Benefit from dynamic planning with real time updates and the ability to compare plans and cashflow models in minutes.

More accurate financial planning and forecasting 

  • Enhanced compliance. Having access to the latest information will enable you to comply with the recent accounting standards and regulations. 
  • Enjoy peace of mind with powerful analytics, real-time updates and AI-based planning technology.
  • Help clients make data-led decisions, stress-testing different ‘what-if’ scenarios and outcomes, while also offering the optimal path to achieve their financial goals.

Increase collaboration and client engagement

  • Clearly demonstrate the value of financial planning and offer clients meaningful advice for their unique situation.
  • Get easily digestible visual reporting, including powerful analytics and attractive graphs instead of confusing spreadsheets. 
  • Offer a convenient, fully virtual experience to your clients who can view their customised digital story, so they can easily understand the lifetime value of the plan. Find out more here.

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