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Cashflow modelling


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Cashflow modelling can help you present financial data to clients in a comprehensive way, but most importantly provide a clear and goal-focused path of action. Offering a detailed picture of your clients’ assets, investments, debts, income, and expenditure, it enables you to assess their current financial situation, stay on top of their cashflow needs and forecast future finances.

The benefits of using cashflow modelling software

Cashflow modelling software empowers your clients to explore all different possible future scenarios and outcomes, identify potential issues and prepare financially to overcome these. This engages them with the planning process, promotes data-driven decision making and boosts their confidence in making the right choices that can be backed with stats.

Cashflow modelling software empowers you to:

  • Demonstrate financial data through visually engaging, dynamic reports and graphs that can help clients explore different proactive and reactive strategies. 
  • Present future outcomes for your client’s finances in an understandable way, that could help them easily digest information and feel confident they’re making the right decisions.
  • Produce cashflow plans fast. In just a few minutes you’re able to create detailed plans for each of your clients, saving valuable time to focus on building client relationships 
  • Identify and show what investment paths they should follow to achieve their financial plans.
  • Consider changes in market (e.g. market crashes, inflation) and their impact on an individual’s finances, as well as calculate capacity for financial loss.
  • Automate significant parts of the advice process, offering opportunities to reduce the cost of delivering financial advice.

Cashflow modelling can benefit your clients with: 

  • Scenario planning incorporating a holistic financial plan that enables your clients to understand how various future situations can impact cash flow. 
  • Informed knowledge to make better decisions and establish achievable goals.
  • Understanding the value in the plan and their relationship with you. Clients engage with a long-term plan and are more willing to make referrals or become long standing clients, including family and the potential for intergenerational planning.  
  • Visibility and ownership of their plan, ensuring they take actions that are personalised and relevant to their goals.  

Retirement cashflow modelling

Pension cashflow modelling is an important part of financial planning, which could allow your clients to assess their current and forecasted wealth.

With automated pension cash flow modelling you can make fast scenario adjustments, and address the specific needs of each client. You’ll give them a picture of where they financially stand and illustrate what they need to change to achieve their future objectives. Pension cash flow modelling can help you:

  • Deliver a thorough analysis of your clients’ personal income and expenditure.
  • Clearly present the steps they need to follow to achieve their financial independence.
  • Help them estimate future cash flow, and plan to minimise tax liabilities.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to accumulate additional retirement resources and manage debt.
  • Answer questions such as when they can afford to retire comfortably, how long they’ll be able to support their lifestyle, how they can avoid running out of money and how illness or early death could financially affect them or their family.

How does Conquest Planning help with cashflow modelling

Conquest Planning is more than cashflow modelling software, it’s a next-generation tool which simplifies the advice process. It empowers you to deliver plans quickly and efficiently in collaboration with your clients – while also demonstrating the lifetime value of advice to them.

Blending cashflow modelling and goals-based planning, Conquest Planning offers a projection of your client’s future earnings, expenditures, net worth, etc. and explores how these may fluctuate in various scenarios and assumptions. This is done through an Intelligent Assistant, known as the Strategic Advice Manager (SAM), which ranks strategies based on how they’ll benefit your clients and selects the best option for them. 

SAM: Strategic Advice Manager

In comparison to traditional tools that depend on an adviser’s plans with multiple iterations, SAM enables you to start a conversation around potential strategies with your clients, while utilising its financial planning tool. It prioritises strategies that are related to your clients’ unique situation and acts like your virtual financial assistant, giving you full control over which strategies are applied. 

Thanks to thorough data gathering, SAM enables you to create plans faster than traditional tools. It’ll automatically select and apply these strategies, but you can change the settings, meaning you can:

  • Disregard suggested approaches and SAM will suggest new ones.
  • Adjust and deactivate strategies when necessary (e.g. you could choose to increase or decrease the amount of savings suggested).
  • Use the ‘build your own’ strategy feature to create your own customised recommendations.
  • Instantly see the positive or negative impact each strategy has on a selected goal. 

You can also share the entire set of SAM strategies with your clients, so they can review and understand priorities or make recommendations that can be added to the strategies. 

See a Conquest planning demonstration here.

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